Chapter Twenty:

“One Divine Life,” Many ‘Little Christs’

“That Which Will Eventually Reorganize Our Human Life

Is the Presence in the World of Those Who Know Christ

as Their Example, and Recognize That They Possess

the Same Divine Life”

As mentioned earlier, the counterfeit kingdom of World Servers presents Christ as an “example” or “model” to be followed in any religion. It is an effective deception:


         It lures people into believing there is a compatibility between Christ and “the One Truth” and “the One Church.”


         It lures Christians onto the way that seems Christian.


         It lures people into thinking they are following Christ Himself rather than just His example.


         It lures people into encroaching upon that which belongs to the Lord alone, including His divinity.

In essence, this subtle switch from the Lordship of Jesus Christ to the ‘modelship’ of Christ deceptively exchanges the truth of Who He is and what He did for the principles that He lived. Thus the Gospel of faith is effectively transformed into a false gospel of works, and the Lord Jesus Christ is replaced with the universal “Christ” or “Jesus” of the counterfeit kingdom:


“Christ, in His high place, cares not whether men accept the theological interpretations of scholars and churchmen, but He does care whether the keynote of His life of sacrifice and service is reproduced among men; it is immaterial to Him whether the emphasis laid upon the detail and the veracity of the Gospel story is recognized and accepted, for He is more interested that the search for truth and for subjective spiritual experience should persist; He knows that within each human heart is found that which responds instinctively to God, and that the hope of ultimate glory lies hid in the Christ-consciousness.


“Therefore, in the new world order, spirituality will supersede theology; living experience will take the place of theological acceptances.” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Emphasis added)1


“We have fought over the doctrines whereby men shall be saved.… We have regarded half the world as lost and only the Christian believer as saved, yet all the time Christ has told us that love is the way into the kingdom, and that the fact of the presence of divinity in each of us makes us eligible for that kingdom.… Men are not saved by belief in the formulation of a theological dogma, but by the fact of His living Presence, of the living immediate Christ.… That which will eventually reorganize our human life is the presence in the world of those who know Christ as their example, and recognize that they possess the same divine life, just as the affirmation of the basic law of the kingdom of God, the Law of Love, will finally save the world.” —Alice Bailey (Bold added)2


“Our task in life is to express divinity. And that divinity manifests itself in the same way that the divinity of Christ expressed itself; in harmless living and ceaseless service to our fellow men … in the sharing with Christ of the urgency which he felt to meet the world’s need and to act the part of a savior to men.” —Alice Bailey (Emphasis added)3


“The work of pouring out the principle of love (which is the Christ principle) and of lifting the masses in their consciousness to the pitch where they can understand and welcome that love-principle is the main work of the new age, and it will inaugurate the age of brotherhood and mould humanity into the likeness of the Christ. That the oriental peoples may call this great Official by another name than that of ‘The Christ’ has no bearing on reality and alters not the fact of His influence and His esoteric coming.” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Parentheses in the original; emphasis added)4


“… the goal for thousands everywhere is the demonstration of the Christ spirit, and the exemplification of a life conditioned by love and modeled upon that of Christ


“This makes possible, therefore, the next great human unfoldment which grows out of the Christ consciousness …” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Emphasis added)5

“A Leadership Model That Can Transform Your Life”

The new message which replaces Lord with “model” has given today’s movements new impetus. It is much easier to get the masses to follow the example of a “model” than it is to get them to bend the knee to the Lord. And these principles of “love and service” transcend religious beliefs and facilitate interfaith unity, whereas the truth does not.

As discussed earlier, according to the Purpose-Driven Paradigm Jesus “modeled a purpose-driven life”6 and “modeled the kingdom of God”—a.k.a. “the P.E.A.C.E. Plan.”7 Both of these are inclusive of other religions.

The Lead Like Jesus Movement is another inclusive, popular movement. According to this Movement, Jesus “modeled implementing servant leadership with everyone He met,”8 providing “a leadership model” which those in any religion or culture can follow.

The co-founders of this movement, Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges, released their new book, Lead Like Jesus: Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time, in January 2006. The first page of this book contains an endorsement by Rick Warren that links this Movement with the “E” of his P.E.A.C.E. Plan, which aims to fight the giant of ego-centric leadership:


“One of our world’s great problems is ego-centric, self-serving leadership—leaders who think people exist for their benefit, instead of vice versa. In stark contrast, Jesus modeled servant leadership, leading by example. He said, ‘I came to serve, not to be served.’ Now, two thousand years later, Jesus has over 2.1 billion followers, which makes Him the undisputed greatest leader of all time. No one else comes close! This is why you need to know how to lead like Jesus. He is the only flawless example. That’s why you should read this book!” —Rick Warren (Emphasis added)9

First, Jesus Christ is the Almighty Lord even if no one on earth was following Him. In the name of purpose, the belittling of the uniqueness and preeminence of Who the eternal Lord actually is continues. Second, Rick Warren had announced the relationship between his P.E.A.C.E. Plan and Ken Blanchard and his Lead Like Jesus Movement at a Saddleback Church service on November 2, 2003:


“The Bible tells us in Hebrews 2 that God made Jesus a perfect leader. That means we all need to learn to lead like Jesus because there is a leadership shortage in the world. That’s why on November 20, on a Thursday, in a couple weeks, Ken Blanchard and I are gonna teach a national, nationwide, simulcast called, ‘Learning to Lead Like Jesus.’ We’ll be broadcasting it from Birmingham … and I’m hoping you’ll be able to take the day off and come for a full day of leadership training.… Now Ken has signed on to help with the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, and he is going to be helping train us in leadership and in how to train others to be leaders all around the world.” —Rick Warren (Emphasis added)10

At the November 20, 2003 Lead Like Jesus simulcast announced here, in referring to Blanchard Rick Warren again stated:


“[T]here is a dramatic shortage of servant leadership in the world.…


So, we’ve come up with a little plan called the peace plan. You and I are working together on this.… It is my goal and vision and your goal and vision to be used of God to raise up millions and millions of local churches and businesses and everybody else to plant churches, equip leaders, assist the poor, care for the sick, and educate the next generation. That can only be done when we get the right model of leadership.” —Rick Warren (Emphasis added)11

Since this P.E.A.C.E. Plan consists of an interfaith network of “men of peace” and “local churches,” their “right model of leadership” enables all barriers to be transcended in their equipping of “all leaders” of all “aspirations” to follow this “model.” The message has definitely changed -- they are presenting Jesus as a “style” that transcends culture and religion!:


“Number two – this one surprises people but it is the source of all of our other problems – egocentric leadership. That is the second global giant: self-centered, self-serving, instead of leadership like Jesus …


“‘E’ is ‘Equip leaders.’ And we’re equipping leaders in a way that is culturally relevant—not Western-style leadership but Jesus-style leadership.” —Rick Warren (Emphasis added)12


“Today’s leadership crisis transcends cultures, religions and vocations. Jesus’ servant-leader style provides a perfect role model for all leaders. Lead Like Jesus exist [sic] to help leaders of all shapes, ages, and aspirations explore and express the leadership principles that Jesus lived.” —Lead Like Jesus website (Emphasis added)13


“Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges … have developed a unique interactive program to help leaders find new fulfillment and effectiveness in following leadership behaviors as modeled by Jesus.… A two-day transformational encounter with Jesus as a role model … Leadership Encounter will challenge people of faith and anyone else searching for a relevant and effective model for their own day-to-day leadership, to look at Jesus in a new and life changing way.” —Lead Like Jesus website (Emphasis added)14


“Where can you find a LEADERSHIP MODEL that can TRANSFORM your LIFE?…


“Since today is a day that will never come again, why not start today with the best leader—Jesus! It is the journey of a lifetime and it’s for you—whether you are a CEO or a parent, a teacher or a Scout leader, a pastor or an electrician, leading like Jesus is for you! Choose Jesus today as your role model!” —Lead Like Jesus, back cover (Bold added)15

The “LEADERSHIP MODEL” of this movement has submitted to its own “vision and values” as its preferred “boss”:


“‘You can’t talk about servant leadership without talking about Jesus,’ Blanchard explained. ‘… We are fortunate we have Jesus as a model.’


“Noting that some managers have avoided the servant leader mentality because they are afraid it is an ‘inmates-running-the-prison’ type of concept, Blanchard said this is not true. ‘It is a new style of leadership with two words. Leadership is about going somewhere—What is the vision? Servant is to serve the vision and the direction. The vision and values become the boss. You turn the traditional hierarchy upside down.’…


“Believing that ‘the whole nation is ready for this model,’ Blanchard is co-hosting—with Rick Warren … —a ‘Lead Like Jesus’ celebration Nov. 20 in Birmingham.…


“Blanchard said everyone can benefit from this conference … ‘For a follower of Jesus, being a servant leader isn’t just an option, it’s a mandate.’” —The Alabama Baptist, 10/30/03 (Emphasis added)16

It’s amazing how leaders believe their own movement based on their own understanding and vision is a mandate from God. Announcing the April 29, 2004 Lead Like Jesus celebration, which was hosted by Ken Blanchard and Bill Hybels with Rick Warren speaking on video, Rick Warren’s repeated Blanchard’s mandate almost verbatim:


“For a follower of Jesus, servant leadership isn’t an option … it’s a mandate! Lead Like Jesus will inspire and equip you, your congregation, and your community to experience Jesus in a powerfully different way - as the perfect leader for all time.” — (Ellipsis dots in the original; emphasis added)17

Servant leadership is about serving “the vision and the direction.” It therefore becomes a mandate to serve both the vision and the direction of this Movement in which the vision and values are “the boss.” This is not the same thing as serving and following Jesus Christ as one’s Lord, especially when the vision and values transcend religious barriers and have included the avoidance of “trying to evangelize”:


“According to Blanchard, ‘We really just want to say to people, ‘Jesus is the greatest leadership role model.’ We want to celebrate that.…


“‘We hope, at the end of the day, to have people come forward to say, ‘I commit to try to lead like Jesus and behave in a different way,’’ says Blanchard. ‘I think the next big movement in Christianity is going to be demonstration not proclamation. We want to make sure that people understand we are not trying to evangelize. If all Christians would behave like Jesus, everybody would want to be a Christian.’” (Emphasis added)18


It’s the vision—the purpose, the picture of the future, and the values—that everyone should serve. To do that requires leaders to have a servant heart and a strategy to develop and empower others to live according the [sic] established vision, values, and goals.” —Lead Like Jesus (Emphasis added)19

Replacing evangelism with “leading like Jesus” denies the Lord Jesus Christ’s commands to preach His Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation,” to the world. It also denies the reason He gave as to why people do not want to come to Him and His true light. “Leading like Jesus” is not going to change this, especially when they seek to get “all leaders” to relativistically “lead like Jesus” in their own religion and culture! Yet this self-empowering movement also claims to be “not about you” but “about Jesus.”


“The [Lead Like Jesus] program will celebrate the leadership model of Jesus, and will train and encourage all leaders to follow His model.”20


“It’s not about us, it’s not about you, it’s about Jesus. If you can get Him into your heart as the greatest leadership role model of all time, you can make an incredible difference in the lives of all the people around you including yourself.” —Ken Blanchard (Emphasis added)21

Although “it’s not about you,” the Lord Jesus Christ continues to be reduced to the position of “model” so that mankind, which has become so desperate for significance, can seek to usurp His work in an increasing number of areas. This has escalated to the point that the latest Lead Like Jesus Celebration, scheduled for February 3-4, 2006 in Virginia and hosted by Ken Blanchard, was to include the following five tracks of “learning experiences”:


“You and your church leaders can come for a morning and talk with others who are interested in learning how to Reach Like Jesus … Redeem Like Jesus … Serve Like Jesus … Call Like Jesus … Empower Like Jesus.” (Ellipsis dots in the original; emphasis added)22

Anyone who thinks that human works can even come close to redeeming “like Jesus” needs to know what the redemption of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ actually is (not to mention His call and empowerment of us, etcetera). The Almighty Lord God does not just sit back and watch mankind do His work for Him in trying to be Jesus Christ through following His Son as a model! He redeems and calls us and commands us to obey Him as Lord.


“We have degenerated into the place where we put God on charity and make Him to be a foreman who can’t find help. He stands at the wayside asking, ‘How many helpers will come to My rescue and come and do My work?’ If we could only remember that God doesn’t need anybody here …” —A.W. Tozer23


“God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things.” (Acts 17:24-25)


“I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.” (Ecclesiastes 3:14)


“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” (Isaiah 45:22)

The many aspects of God’s work that belong to Him alone are being usurped and redefined by man. Even if the term “divinity” is not widely used, a growing number of people within Christianity are treating mankind as if it is divine, claims to the contrary notwithstanding. This is only one small example in an overabundance of them. The behavior is there, even if the language isn’t. They display it through their man-centered “whole new way of thinking and acting.”

Obviously, the message has changed for these learning tracks to even be considered for leadership training. We cannot be Jesus Christ to the world, regardless of how successful we are in works of love and service. We are not “little Christs”! The truth and uniqueness of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to get shoved aside in both the New Age and today’s Christianity in man’s exaltation of himself first to Jesus Christ’s work and then ultimately to His divinity. This is the direction the Master Deceiver and his workers envisioned.

Giving Heed to “the Fundamental Doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom”


“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

The exaltation of spiritual experience at the expense of scriptural knowledge, along with the “positive only” attitude, have led to a failure to keep watch and to heed the warnings. The destructive tidal wave of relativism is sweeping people away from the faith and into the (New Age) New Spirituality, which is based on the Ancient (Ageless) Wisdom and its Oneness. The depth of deception in today’s Christianity is staggering.


“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” (2 Corinthians 11:3-4)

The deception is of such great magnitude that the Ancient Wisdom has even become a selling point. The Newbury Park First Christian Church, through its Via Vita program, held its first “Ancient Spiritual Wisdom: Principles and Practices for Life” conference, on February 25, 2006.24 Not surprisingly, the speakers at this conference included popular leaders of the Emerging Church and Spiritual Formation movements, both of which are also steeped in the “New” Spirituality. Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, John Burke, and Tony Jones were scheduled to speak at this conference,25 right after they were to speak at the 2006 National Pastors Convention on February 22-25, 2006.

Incidentally, this year’s Pastors Convention, which again featured the labyrinth, also promoted the Emerging Church.26 This emerging counterfeit church is aptly described in the promotion for the speakers of the Ancient Spiritual Wisdom conference:


“John Burke asks the question, ‘What do a Buddhist, a biker couple, a gay rights activist, a transient, a high-tech engineer, a Muslim, a twenty-something single mom, a Jew, an unmarried couple living together, and an atheist all have in common?’ and then answers it, ‘They are the future church in America!’… He says the emerging church is an indigenous church, rising up out of the surrounding community and culture to form the Body of Christ.” (Emphasis added)27

Believing and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ is irrelevant in the emerging interfaith church. Via the (New Age) New Spirituality, the many are becoming ONE in the “One Church” of the counterfeit kingdom. Contrary to the deceptive claims, these principles and practices were not “actually taught by Jesus.” The ancient principles of Oneness and practices of occultic mysticism come from the Master Deceiver.

The following is from one of Via Vita’s announcements of its conference:


“Two thousand years ago, Christian spirituality was new to the world. This was a time before churches as we know them. A time before religious dogma and creeds. A time when a small group of ordinary people began to follow the teachings of a young Jewish carpenter.…


“This conference will be about spiritual transformation, spiritual principles and practices as they were actually taught by Jesus and his early followers. We will explore questions and ideas – and beliefs and doubts – about this ancient spirituality.…


We’re hoping to have a vibrant dialogue between people who have a wide range of beliefs. We’ll explore life’s most profound and hardest questions – together. With open minds, new ideas and fresh thinking.…


“Few people are familiar with spirituality as Jesus actually taught it. What do we actually know about it? How can we use this knowledge today?


“Ancient spiritual principles have been in place since the beginning of time. What are they? Why are they important?


“Your spirit was created ‘imago dei’, in the image of God. What is the nature of this spirit?


How can you find a spiritual path that will lead to the fullest realization of your potential?


The spiritual realm can be accessed through the ancient practices of Via Contemplativa (bodily quiet and stillness) and Via Activa (bodily engagement). What are these practices? How can you use them?” —Via Vita (Parentheses in the original; bold added)28

The Master Deceiver wants everyone to bypass the narrow way to find their own unique “spiritual path,” with the “fullest realization” of their potential being the “awakening” to the “divine” nature of their own spirit. And with the ever-increasing popularity of ancient occult practices deceptively designed for this very purpose, today’s Christianity is right on the verge of this “awakening” becoming widespread.

Everything the Lord Jesus Christ taught which He wants us to know has been included in His Holy Scriptures, which remarkably enough do not include accessing the spiritual realm through ancient mystical practices of the “New” Spirituality! Putting a Christian veneer on worldly and occultic beliefs and practices is what the Angel of light does to seduce people into believing his broad way of deception is actually the narrow way of the truth. In Christianity today, the growing number of seekers of the Ancient Wisdom and its inner path “to God” are being seduced by the same deceptions as were Catholicism’s early mystics.

Included in this group is Ken Blanchard, who “signed on to help with the P.E.A.C.E. Plan.” Despite the fact that the “New” Spirituality has his ongoing assent, he and his Lead Like Jesus Movement remain popular. Rick Warren is a member of the Lead Like Jesus National Board, as are those who espouse the ways and teachings of the (New Age) New Spirituality.29

Although Blanchard claims to be equipping leaders to “lead like Jesus,” he continues to endorse explicitly Eastern religion (inherent to the New Spirituality) books and teachings as well as the Hoffman Quadrinity Process.30 In fact, he has credited the occultic Hoffman Process for “bring[ing] forth spiritual leadership in a person” and for making his “spirituality come alive” (emphasis added). This endorsement still remains in various places on the Hoffman Institute’s website.31 Blanchard also remains a member of the Hoffman Advisory Board, along with other members who overtly follow the ways and teachings of the Eastern religions.32

This occultic Process that Blanchard continues to support utilizes the same principles and practices of the Ancient Wisdom that are enticing many of today’s Christians. Bob Hoffman was a self-proclaimed “spiritual intuitive” (typically used by the world as more acceptable terminology for “psychic,” or the practitioner of forbidden divination). He said that he “found a path to recovering our innate ability to love,” and through ‘intuition’ came up with his Quadrinity Process. Referring to his Process, he said, “This will be the beginning of understanding, in an experiential way, of your own emotional and spiritual truth” (bold added).33

Hoffman’s panentheistic path to one’s own ‘divinity’ utilizes the occult practice of going deep within to “awaken” to one’s “essential nature”/“true self” of “pure Light”:


“For thousands of years, human beings have attempted to understand and come to terms with the mystery of life and of creation itself. One enduring notion maintains that the ‘source’ of everything is a nonphysical, intelligent, loving spirit, or being and that we are connected to that spirit.…


“People have searched for ways to connect and have communion with this presence.… I came to understand that because we are of this Light, we should be able to communicate and make contact with it directly and at will, without intermediaries. To facilitate this, I developed the ‘Light Journey Visualization,’ through which anyone can enter the Light of peace and compassion.… If desired, virtually anyone can experience being in the Light, and their Spiritual Self as being of the Light.


In the Light we know that our essence is perfect and that we are not negative … The experience of being in the Light brings our Spiritual Selves to the forefront.…


“As we begin to experience our Spiritual Self, (in our spiritual dimension), we recognize our fundamental goodness and begin the journey toward Integral Being.” —Bob Hoffman (Parentheses in the original; emphasis added)34


“Isn’t it time to uncover your true self and allow its brilliance to shine?…


Love is the essence of life and of the Universe itself.…


Nothing is lacking in any of us; our positive integral self is always there, always available. You can rediscover and consistently live from your own wonderous perfection, lovability, dignity and authenticity.” —Bob Hoffman (Emphasis added)35

Raz Ingrasci, the President of the Hoffman Institute, further describes this Process:


“For 35 years people from all walks of life have been using the Hoffman Quadrinity Process to produce the positive and lasting life changes that they want. Through this work, participants awaken to their essential natures … Through the HQP it is possible to know and give voice to your miraculous spirit …” (Emphasis added)36


“And then, there is the Light, which we experience as unconditional love. Through working intensely with thousands of people, Bob [Hoffman] learned that when you remove the patterns [within yourself] and go down as far as you can go, you run into pure Light. The Process is shaped by this fundamental knowledge. Discovering this Light for yourself, within and beyond, brings enormous depth of meaning, connection, and belonging to life.…


“Bob Hoffman always said his mission was peace.” (Emphasis added)37

The Angel of light brings seeming peace to those on his path of Ancient Wisdom. But, ultimately, those who remain on this path will only find the opposite of God’s true peace.

The way of the Lord Jesus Christ—the true Light of the world— cannot be accessed by the occult way of darkness. The Angel of light’s seeming “light” denies that the essence of man is full of sin and we are all in desperate need of the Saviour. It denies that the Lord God alone is good and love and perfect and divine. At the same time, in total denial of the truth and yet true to his own Dream, the Angel of light’s way deceives mankind into believing it “will be like the most High.” His way teaches that to accomplish this, the “one divine Life” just needs to be brought to “birth” (or “awakened”) within mankind:


“[T]here is only one divine Life, expressing itself through the multiplicity of forms in all the kingdoms of nature, and that the sons of men are, therefore, One.…


[W]ithin each human being is a point of light, a spark of the one Flame. This, we believe, is the soul, the second aspect of divinity and that of which Paul spoke when he referred to ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory.’ It is the demonstration of the divine livingness in each person which is our goal …” —Alice Bailey (“Fundamental Doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom;” bold added)38


“The immortal destiny of each and all of us is to attain the consciousness of the higher self, and subsequently that of the Divine Spirit.… One can have a perfect image or picture, but it lacks life. The life can be modeled on the divine as far as may be; it may be an excellent copy but lacks the indwelling Christ principle. The germ has been there, but it has lain dormant. Now it is fostered and brought to the birth and the first initiation is attained.” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Emphasis added)39

This is the Angel of light’s occult counterfeit for the new birth and life of the spirit which only those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ receive. Those who only want Jesus Christ as a “model” or “example” cannot be born again through God’s power and truth so must look to counterfeits to “birth” their spiritual “life.”

Given the occult nature of this counterfeit “birth,” contacting one’s spirit guide through visualization is key. The following is a testimonial of the Hoffman Process, reprinted by the Hoffman Institute:


“People may have encountered some of the Gestalt, NLP bioenergetic, visualisation, and shamanic techniques before in some form, but the transformative and magical way that they are woven together in this process awed me.…


“I felt it to be a great testimony to the Process that everyone on the course appeared able to embrace their spiritual self and their spirit guide without fear …” (Emphasis added)40

Joan Borysenko, the Chair of the Hoffman Advisory Board, on which Ken Blanchard still sits, had this to say in her own testimonial of going through the Hoffman Process:


“In this powerful visualization we were brought into the presence of the Light (God or however you understand the Source of your being) and our won [sic] wise, compassionate, loving, spiritual self.…


All of my classmates experienced the Light Journey as a spiritual homecoming, a reawakening to their own true nature. The desire to live in the peace of core self … infused us all with a sense of higher purpose as we went into the anger work. And we didn’t go into it alone. During the Light Journey we also met our spirit guides, or guardian angels.… with whom I have had a lively relationship since completing the Hoffman Process.…


“The Tibetan Buddhists compare our spiritual self, what they call our own true nature, or rigpa, to a mirror. It reflects the drama, but is itself changeless. Healing is about parting the clouds that obscure the mirror-like perfection that we are. In the process, we become alchemists who transmute woundedness into wisdom.” (Emphasis added)41

The spirit realm is feverishly working under their Master’s Plan to lead the seduced masses into “godhood.”


“… If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:23)

Incidentally, evil spirits can and do appear as beings of “light,” and even call themselves “Jesus” or “Christ” or “the Holy Spirit” or “God the Father”—all counterfeits of course. The true and living Lord God does not leave His throne to become subject to the imaginations of mankind. Yet professing Christians think they have “Christianized” occult visualization techniques so refuse to scripturally “try the spirits whether they are of God” (1 John 4: 1). Consequently, they are easily bewitched into believing their own visualized spirit guide is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Angel of light and his minions are adept at masterfully deceiving the masses who hunger and thirst for the way of experience to their own “spiritual truth.”


“The Hoffman Process brings forth spiritual leadership in a person. It made my spirituality come alive.” —Ken Blanchard (Emphasis added)42

Showing that Ken Blanchard still accepts these ways and teachings, he has also endorsed In the Sphere of Silence by Vijay Eswaran (published in June 2005). This is an Eastern religion book that espouses beliefs similar to the Hoffman Process:


“Effective leadership is more than what we do; it starts on the inside. Great Leaders are able to tap inner wisdom and strength by cultivating the habit of solitude. This book is a wonderful guide on how to enter the realm of silence and draw closer to God.” —Ken Blanchard43

This book promotes “the way of silence,” another occultic tool which today’s deceived Christianity thinks it has “Christianized.” Eswaran’s website for In the Sphere of Silence states the following:


“This website is dedicated to the way of silence and to the souls interested in knowing the creative force it unleashes, to know it and to master it.…


“To learn and to understand how to achieve this exalted state of listening to ourselves.…


“Explore, learn, think and discover your inner self.”44


It [‘this practice’] stems from the ancient Hindu concept, especially from yogic traditions, of practicing mouna (silence), a concept that finds resonance in all religions and philosophies of the world.” (Emphasis added)45


“The process of being in the Sphere of Silence leads us to the silence within us. This is a process that goes all the way back to ancient times.…


“The Sphere of Silence, if it is practiced properly, is a very powerful tool. It is not just oriented to any one religion, it is universally accepted and practiced by almost all faiths on the planet. It is through silence that you find your inner being.


“This book will help you find the silence within so that you may find peace and harmony without.…


“The Sphere of Silence to the Mind is like the Lotus flower opens [sic] up its petals to sunlight, the mind in the Sphere of Silence, opens to receive the knowledge that leads us to wisdom.” —Vijay Eswaran (Emphasis added)46

The Hoffman Process and the way of silence open the mind to the Ancient Wisdom and lead man toward his own “divinity.” Yet Ken Blanchard, sought after by today’s undiscerning Christianity to teach it how to “lead like Jesus,” has praised these counterfeit ways to “God” for eliciting effective spiritual leadership in a person.

Even as recently as January 2006, Blanchard continues to endorse additional anti-Christ books that explicitly follow the path of the “New” Spirituality.47 And in teaching Christians to “lead like Jesus,” he even enlists the help of those who follow this same path.

New Age author Mark Victor Hansen sits on the Lead Like Jesus National Board,48 despite the fact that he has referred to Christ as “one of the master teachers.”49 The “Christ” who is “one of the master teachers” is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is the universal “Christ” of the counterfeit kingdom. This “Christ” is not the Lord Jesus Christ. Apparently, it doesn’t matter which Jesus those in this “Lead Like Jesus Movement” are trying to teach others to lead like!

Along with Blanchard, Hansen also endorses the Hoffman Process and has said that the Process is able to fill one’s “spiritual hole” and that “one of the places I’m encouraging absolutely everyone to go is The Hoffman Process.”50 The occult has its own proselytizers, whether they are aware of it or not, who have infiltrated Christianity’s organizations and movements.

Ken Blanchard has also included co-host John Ortberg51 (who also spoke at the Ancient Spiritual Wisdom conference) and speaker Laurie Beth Jones at his Lead Like Jesus leadership training events. Jones touted walking the labyrinth as “an incredible experience”52 during her time to train leaders to “lead like Jesus” at the 2003 event that Rick Warren co-hosted.

The Lord Jesus Christ never leads people into the occult. And it isn’t the leading of the Lord Jesus Christ that is prompting Christianity today to choose the leadership and instruction of those who are unable to discern the difference between His ways and teachings and those of the (New Age) New Spirituality “Jesus.”

True to this “New” Spirituality and its new gospel that “we are all one,” Laurie Beth Jones says that her “personal mission is to recognize, promote, and inspire divine connection in myself and others” (emphasis added).53 Her Jesus CEO website elaborates:


First, we must remember what unites us rather than what divides us, and cast aside doctrines and tribal beliefs -- the we’re-better-than-you stuff. We don’t need to lose our traditions, but we do need to gain the understanding that Jesus did not come to set up a new religion, but to teach us about the individual connections we each have with God.” —Laurie Beth Jones (Emphasis added)54


“Members of the Jesus CEO Foundation embrace and support compassionate Christianity, which emphasizes relationship over religion. We refuse to be divided by doctrinal differences, and respect each individual’s unique connection to God, which may or may not yet be fully realized.” (Emphasis added)55

Further denying Who the Lord Jesus Christ is, and among other atrocities, Jones has written in her national bestseller, Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership:


The words I AM therefore reflect all the creative power in the Universe.”


Words have power. And Jesus always spoke loving, powerful, and confident words about himself.…


His ‘I am’ statements were what he became.” (Emphasis added)56

Keep in mind that Jones sits on the Lead Like Jesus National Board (along with Rick Warren),57 and carefully compare her above quotes to the following “Affirmations for Leaders” from this same book:


My word goes out and accomplishes that which I send it to do.”


I proudly say I AM, …


What I believe, I become.” (Emphasis added)58

In their search for Self-empowerment, today’s professing Christians are following the lead of the New Age “Jesus” and the Ancient Wisdom straight into the delusion of their own “divinity.” Regardless of the intention, creating anything by speaking it into existence can only be done by the Lord God, the eternal I AM, not by mere humans! (See also Exodus 3:14 and John 8:58.)


“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11)


“To whom will ye liken me, and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be like?… Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me.” (Isaiah 46:5, 9)

It is clear which doctrines and beliefs are being “cast aside” by today’s leaders, as well as by their followers. It wasn’t too long ago when the subtitle of her book would have been a dead give-away to the anti-Christ content of the book. But no longer. The transformation is nearing completion in today’s bewitched “Christianity.”


“When you borrow methods from Eastern religion, you get their understanding of God.” —Ray Yungen59


“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 16:25 & 14:12)

It is the emerging universal religion that would have the world believe that “whosoever shall follow Christ as their Example shall be saved,” and “that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Model Jesus, and shalt follow the principles that he lived, thou shalt be saved.” The resulting ‘salvation’ this counterfeit kingdom offers is Satan’s lying word to mankind in the Garden of Eden -- “Ye shall not surely die … your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:4-5).


“When, therefore, sight has been attained and the light streams forth, revelation of the oneness of all life is a simple and immediate occurrence …


“This kingdom, through its major power (a quality of synthesis, could you but realize it), is gathering together into itself men and women out of every nation and out of all parts of the Earth.…


“To all applicants the call has gone out to see the Christ as He is, … that ‘as He is, so should we be in the world.’ To disciples and initiates the call goes out to reveal to the world … the nature of the Christ consciousness which knows no separation, which recognizes, all men everywhere as Sons of God in process of expression. This is all desired because of the need to emphasize the all-inclusive approach of divinity to humanity. These working disciples and initiates regard all as essentially one and as brothers, which … says to all men everywhere: ‘We are all the children of God; we are all equally divine; we are all on our way to the revelation of divinity …’” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Parentheses in the original; bold added)60


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